Dr Hasmukh R Balar

Renowned Haematologist, Haemato-oncologist & Bone Marrow Transplant physician

Dr. Hasmukh R Balar is a renowned Haematologist, Haemato-oncologist & Bone Marrow Transplant physician practicing in Surat, Gujarat.

Dr. Balar has done his graduation in M.B.B.S from medical college baroda during 2004-2009.

He post graduated in doctor of medicine in MD pathology from government medical college surat in 2014.

Dr. Balar obtained the postdoctoral DNB super speciality degree in clinical hematology from the department of hematology and bone marrow transplant, sahyadri speciality hospital Pune in 2018.

Dr. Balar treats leukaemia (Blood cancers) both in adults and children, lymphoma and myeloma. he has extensive training and experience in managing various complicated types of anemia, bleeding and clotting disorders and thalassemia.

During DNB clinical hematology course he got training in bone marrow transplant including autologous, allogeneic and unrelated in cases of leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, aplastic anemia, MDS primary immunodeficiency disorders, autoimmune diseases, and thalassemia.

Dr. Balar provides comprehensive, including diagnostics, administering chemotherapy, counseling and supports patients throughout their difficult journey.

Research Studies

  • Correlation of CD 34 +, CD 4+, CD 8+ and CD 25 + T lymphocytes cell count in donor harvest with graft versus host disease in an HLA matched allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant.

  • To study clinicopathological profile & immunophenotyping in cases of lymphoma

  • Outcome and long-term follow up study of Acute promyelocytic leukemia patients treated with Arsenic trioxide and ATRA based regimen- a single centre experience

Poster and oral presentation various national and international conferences

  • Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for primary immunodeficiency syndromes: A single center experience presented at #EBMT18

  • Outcome comparison of hematopoietic stem cell transplant performed in HEPA and non-HEPA filter rooms: experience from a single center in India presented at Marseille France #EBMT17

  • The cost-effective outcome of generic medicines used in CyBorD protocol induction and generic melphalan autologous transplant conditioning: A single centre experience in 25 patients of multiple myeloma presented at Marseille France #EBMT17

  • A case of matched related allogeneic stem cell transplant in fanconi anemia: Our centre experience presented at Barcelona Spain #EBMT17.

  • Central nervous system nocardiosis after bone marrow transplantation: A rare case presented at Barcelona Spain #EBMT17.

  • Syngeneic stem cell transplant in a case of relapsed refractory anaplastic large cell lymphoma, ALK-positive presented at Barcelona Spain #EBMT17.

  • Late infection of mycobacterial tuberculosis in a case of severe aplastic anemia following stem cell transplant presented at Barcelona Spain #EBMT17.

  • Low dose long acting CFC (Eloctate, Biogen) replacement during bilateral total knee replacement surgery (TKA) for hemophilia a – feasible and extremely cost-effective approach presented at #ISTH17

  • Statistical evaluation of APTT clot waveform patterns (APTT- CWP) in sequential samples of severe hemophilia a patient receiving long-acting clotting factor concentrates (CFC) – an observational study presented at #ISTH17

  • Bendamustine-rituximab (br) as front-line therapy in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (cll) patients: a retrospective study from a single center in western India presented at haematocon 2017
  • Allogeneic peripheral blood stem cell transplant for severe aplastic anemia presented at Valencia Spain #EBMT16

  • Allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for a beta-thalassemia major in the developing world: experience from a center in western India presented at Haematocon 2016

Publications in various journals

  • Patel MM, Kevadiya SM, Balar HR, Patel KA. A rare case of the multifocal origin of dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans diagnosed on cytology. Int J Med Sci Public Health 2013; 2:1056-1057.

  • Myocarditis of diverse etiology as a cause of sudden death; three in a row Arpita j. Nishal, Sarmishtha M. Patel, Rahul Modi, Hasmukh R. Balar international journal of medical and applied sciences 2013, 2(3):200-205.
  • Tailor HJ, Bhagat VM, Kaptan KBR, Italiya SL, Balar HR, Agarwal MP. Diagnostic accuracy of fine needle aspiration cytology in soft tissue tumors: our institutional experience. Int J Res Med Sci 2013;1:443-7

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